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To improve production and competitiveness of Turkey.


Objective of this Confidentiality Policy is to specify terms and conditions of using the website at www.parkurda.com address (“Portal”) that is managed by TEZMAKSAN (“Company”). Definitions in the Agreement of Use and Subscription shall apply to interpretation of terms that are not defined in this Confidentiality Policy. Users shall be deemed to have accepted this Confidentiality Policy when they accept Subscription Agreement.

By investing in technology, the company constantly renews itself and works to provide the best service to its Users in the field of Internet with innovative products and service applications.

The Company reserves right to associate behaviours of Users that visit the site with a cookie in the browser even when they are not subscribers and define remarketing lists based on metrics such as number of pages viewed, duration of visit and target completion number for the purpose of performing behavioural advertisement and marketing. Subsequently, that User may be shown targeted advertisements based on fields of interest of Users in the site or in any other site in Visual Advertisement Network.

Google may place cookie in browser of users during directing of Google AFS advertisements to the Company or read existing cookies or use web markers for the purpose of collecting information.

The Company may revise and amend this Confidentiality Policy upon publishing the revised version in the Portal at any time. Revisions and amendments made to the Confidentiality Policy of the Company shall take effect on the date of publishing in the Portal.

User covenants that information in this Confidentiality Policy is true, accurate and up-to-date and it will be immediately updated at www.parkurda.com address in case this information is modified. In case user fails in providing current information, the Company shall not be held liable due to this failure.

Our company shall not be available for any breach of a real person and/or legal person who subscribes to our site but fails in complying with the confidentiality principle. In case you encounter such a situation, you may delete your curriculum vitae from the database at any time by using the job search feature.

Two persons cannot access the system simultaneously by using your user name and password. If you receive a message stating that system is accessed with your password while your are performing activities in the site, please log into the system again and change your password immediately. For changing the password, you can access to your pages and click “my account” link that allows you to change name, surname, e-mail and password.

Once you access the site “Remember Me” feature is activated and you can deactivate this feature at any time by removing the mark in the login box. The system recognizes you when you login using your browser if Remember Me feature is activated and you can browse in the site without logging in again. For your security, we would like to remind that clicking “Exit” button each time is very important to maintain your security in case you access with a computer other than your own computer. If you encounter any adverse situation despite our endeavours about Candidate Confidentiality, please report us via our Help module.

Portal subscribers’ personal data may be used to inform them about campaign services offered by the Portal (such as e-mail, bulletin). If subscriber does not desire to receive the notifications in question, an e-mail may be sent by clicking the link that is used to remove subscription under e-mails received.

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