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About Us is the industry's first and only business platform where the machining industry comes together.'s motto is 'we are stronger' and our goal is meet the desires of  the Turkish manufacturing industry by assisting them  in finding suppliers and customers through our platform. It allows one-on-one conversations over the Internet and also provides a great opportunity for companies to introduce themselves. is a digital platform that offers the opportunity to increase business volumes, which is a great opportunity especially for SMEs, and also gives you the chance to make new business connections.

At, which is prepared for the machining industry, has a key position in the machinery industry, you can:

  • Get a contract job
  • Hire a contractor
  • Find CNC Operator
  • Become a CNC operator
  • Get CNC machine training

And most importantly, you can follow the latest technological developments, research and news in the sector in the News from the Sector section is the Group Company of Tezmaksan Makine Sanayi and acts with the mission of doing the best it can, always being an example and a sustainable future

Welcome to the future of the Manufacturing Industry!

What can you do in PARKURDA?

  • You can find a contract job
  • You can employ outsourcing
  • You can review the contract job postings
  • You can find a CNC operator
  • You can be a CNC operator
  • You can get education
  • You can follow the news from the industry
After creating your corporate membership registration, a short cover letter explaining your company from the COMPANY INFORMATION tab in My ACCOUNT section and information regarding, the sector you are working with, etc. should be filled. In the PRODUCTS AND SERVICES section, you can briefly explain your company size and strength to the companies by selecting the machine technologies you use.
FIND A MANUFACTURING PARTNER ┬╗FIND A COMPANY After creating your company profile, you can view the companies registered on by selecting the FIND A COMPANY field from FIND A MANUFACTURING PARTNER section. You can filter the companies according to your business by City, District, Sector, Machine Technology fields; You can save the companies you like by reviewing the COMPANY PROFILES in the MY FAVORITE SUPPLIERS section in your ACCOUNT section and request an offer from the REQUEST OFFER field by posting the job you want to give.
Now It Is Very Easy To Provide A Contract Job, You Can Proceed By Choosing Two Different Ways From The MANUFACTURING PARTNERS ┬╗MANUFACTURING JOB POSTINGSS tab in the top menu on
The CNC Operators you are looking for are just a click away. Find the most suitable operators for your company by examining the Cnc Operator CVs.
Take advantage of business opportunities by applying to operator ads of companies or by leaving your CV in the advertisement pool.
You can watch CNC training videos, have access to workshops and participate in offline exams to test your technical knowledge.
You can find the latest news about new technologies and technical production updates,learn about ongoing workshops that can advance your knowledge.

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