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Parkurda.com aims to support the machining sector in CNC, software training and employment, to transfer the developing technology to the new generations and sector players, and to be a bridge between the industry and the education sector; it, together with Tezmaksan Academy, organizes Corporate Trainings, Theoretical and Applied CNC trainings for Vocational High School Students and Engineering Faculty students.

You can follow the training programs and webinar programs prepared with professional trainers and strong content in their fields from the link below.

Training Calendar;


About Tekmaksan Academy;

It is a non-profit educational platform serving the industry where educational content in different categories is offered.

Ministry of National Education of T.R. . is one of the institutions that Tezmaksan Academy works with in education programs. With this partnership, Tezmaksan Academy is able to train not only students but also educators with programs that will contribute to the development of their professional knowledge. With this feature, Tezmaksan Academy has become the first and only institution providing training to educators in the sector.

• CNC Trainings for Companies and CNC Operators in the Industry Sector 

The ACADEMY has provided CNC TRAINING to 1004 Operators Operators in 37 different cities in Turkey and 4 world countries (Germany, Iran, Netherlands, Kosovo) so far.

• CNC Trainings Given to Companies on Their Own Production Tracks

Increasing the production efficiency and performance of institutions in the use of CNC day by day can only be achieved with trained, self-developing and motivated employees.

Tezmaksan Academy analyzes the business and education world with the knowledge and experience of Tezmaksan Makina, and designs special training programs for your employees according to your needs. It provides the highest quality service by working in cooperation with the best trainers & institutions in Turkey, especially in the following areas of expertise and subject.

These trainings, which are planned to be given one to one in your company, are planned according to the schedules determined jointly according to the program of the Academy teachers. At the end of the training, the success of the candidates is tested with the online exam method and the company is shared with human resources.

Our trainings take 5 days, including per-machine application training, in line with the company's demands. Participation classes should be limited to a maximum of 12 people.

In addition to the training requests received according to the company's demand, our other trainings that we can provide as standard are as follows:

  • » Cnc Lathe Operator Trainings
  • » Cnc Vertical Machining Center Operator Trainings
  • » Cnc Wire Erosion Trainings
  • » Cnc Sliding Automat Operator Trainings
  • » Cnc 5 Axis Operator Trainings
  • » Brother Advanced User Training
  • » Siemens Router Operation & Programming Basic and Advanced Level

    Online Education Portal

  • On www.tezmaksanakademi.com
  • You can watch the CNC Training videos for free.
  • You can apply online to the CNC Training classes.
  • You can review the Training Calendar for the classes.
  • You can determine your level by participating in CNC Leveling Exams.
  • You can make CNC Book, Seminar requests.
  • You can access the CNC Education document archive.