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The manufacturing partners you need are on parkurda.com!

Now It Is Very Easy To Provide A Contract Job, You Can Proceed By Choosing Two Different Ways From The MANUFACTURING PARTNERS »MANUFACTURING JOB POSTINGSS tab in the top menu on parkurda.com .FIND A MANUFACTURING PARTNER »FIND A COMPANY After creating your company profile, you can view the companies registered on parkurda.com by selecting the FIND A COMPANY field from FIND A MANUFACTURING PARTNER section. You can filter the companies according to your business by City, District, Sector, Machine Technology fields; You can save the companies you like by reviewing the COMPANY PROFILES in the MY FAVORITE SUPPLIERS section in your ACCOUNT section and request an offer from the REQUEST OFFER field by posting the job you want to give.


FIND A MANUFACTURING PARTNER » POST LISTING After creating your company profile, simply select the POST LISTING section from the FIND A MANUFACTURING PARTNER section and enter the details of the job you want to outsource. In this way, your advertisement is published in MANUFACTURING JOB LISTINGS and it is displayed to manufacturers who want to get a manufacturing job. You can get offers from companies that are interested in your business. You can view the offers you have received from the MY ACCOUNT section and view the offers you have received from the OFFERS tab.

What is Subcontract Manufacturing?

The concept of "subcontracting" is means the proper production of a part or some components of the goods or services provided by an enterprise also used for the conditions (duration, quantity, type, quality, technology to be applied) with in an agreement made in advance by another undertaking who called the subcontractor. On the other hands; Subcontract manufacturing is any outsource company is to increase the profitability by reaching out to a manufacturer's factory that wants to do work when full capacity of the their workshop. Because cost is a big factor that directs the future plans of companies. But this situation has to manage correrectly. The production faults of the subcontractor company or incorrect costing affect all business situotion and clients.

Why Subcontract Manufacturing?

Directing some of your production line to the right subcontract manufacturing partner takes the burden off production. And in this way, the company's resources can be used for improvement and development in other issues The Companies will be able to the development of the company in matters such as cost savings, resource management, quality control and scale production thanks to subcontract manufacturing. You do not need to investment or establish a new workshop for contract business requests from other companies in the field you serve in the machining sector. You can produce and sell products thanks to the existence of contract manufacturing without making a new investment.

How to Make Subcontract Manufacturing?

Subcontract manufacturing is essentially a production agreement between two companies. The subcontract manufacturer specializes in the manufacture of parts, materials or whole products on behalf of the client company. The customer can orders any size or specification. Also that customer can authorize the production function outside to benefit from in-house operations.

How Subcontract Manufacturing Appeared?

The subcontractor business model is improve your complex supply chain, the size of your business, limited capacity, and variable demands.For example; If your supply chain is getting complicated, it might be time to simplify.The experienced subcontract manufacturers will be greatly simplify the whole process and reduce parts for your company. You are losing efficiency due to scale-up and downscaling friction if your products changes. It will be another benefits who make agreement between to subcontractor if you are starting begining.

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What are the Advantages of Subontract Manufacturing?

Manufacturers with contract manufacturing are masters of adopting customer-requested quality standards, product specifications, and timelines. And the result is a closely integrated working relationship between the two separate organizations, allowing the customer to maintain oversight while reducing many of the difficulties associated with in-house production.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Company to Make Contract Manufacturing

Your first step may be to consult a directory of outsourcing service providers. These directories contain hundreds of providers sorted by size, industry, specialty, and location. However, although extremely helpful they are only the first stop in a longer process that should include careful consideration of the following factors; 1-Ability 2-Experience 3- Harmony 4- Capacity 5- Staff 6- Equipment and technology 7- Location 8- Financial stability For details blog.parkurda.com

Find a Manufacturing Partner