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  • Ensuring security and protection of information and respect to code of ethics are some of our principles of priority.
  • As Data Controller, we may record, store, classify, update personal data of you, our visitors, for the reasons provided below and in accordance with the rules of integrity and good faith and process and transfer them within the scope of measures taken to protect fundamental rights and freedoms including privacy and limited with the purposes of processing to the extent permitted by the applicable legislation.
  • Accordingly, we hereby present explanations provided below in order to comply with our obligation to inform in accordance with Article 10 of Personal Data Protection Law (“PDPL”).
  • Data Controller: TEZMAKSAN MAKINA SAN ve TIC. A.S. “Company”) that is Data Controller as defined in Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (“PDPL”) processes your personal data for the purposes specified and within limits in the applicable legislation.
  • Scope: Our company (TEZMAKSAN MAKINA SAN ve TIC A.S.) collects, records and processes personal data of visitors that visit our website and social media accounts, customers/ potential customers that send e-mail, trade fair visitors, physical visitors visiting the head office for the purpose of establishing physical security about entries and exists, monitoring and establishing the security of services offered to customers and potential customers that intend to receive internet service using the internet network, posting photographs and/or videos of trainings in the social media portals and providing information to magazines and brochures, establishing security of the company, customers and other persons and protecting interests of the customers about services received, through electronic, digital and technical channels and automatic or non-automatic methods in accordance with article 5 of PDPL.

Personal Data of Visitors Visiting Website and Social Media Accounts, Customers/ Potential Customers Sending E-mail, Trade Fair Visitors and Physical Visitors:

  • Name Surname, Address, Date of Birth, E-Mail Address, Corporate E-Mail Address, IP Address, Telephone (home and mobile) number, contact details, etc. Photograph
  • Notes kept during trade fair meetings that contain personal data, photographs taken, name surname, telephone, address, e-mail address information obtained from business cards,
  • Company, department, position, occupation, title
  • Records of the data obtained during teleconference, video call, telephone calls or personal meetings,
  • Security Camera surveillance records (without audio), video and audio data that are used in social events, social media accounts of TEZMAKSAN MAKINA SAN ve TIC A.S and media,
  • Special categories of personal data such as religion and data on faith, clothing style, political view, association memberships, hobbies etc. are not collected by TEZMAKSAN MAKINA SAN ve TIC. A.S. In case they are available in the documents submitted by data subject, they shall not be processed or evaluated,
Identification data Name, Surname, Address, business card, Date of Birth, etc. Photograph
Contact information E-mail address, corporate e-mail address, telephone (work and mobile), full address details, internal contact information (extension number)
Working Data Company, department, position, occupation, title
Video and Audio Data Camera records of the head office entrance, company premises, records of trade fair events, photographs taken with visitors, promotional shootings and interviews, information in trade fair records
Transaction Security Information IP Address


The Company may processes your personal data for purposes and legal reasons including but not limited with:

For the purpose of establishing security in the Company in accordance with applicable legislation, other laws and legislation, in particular:

  • Planning and implementing corporate governance and corporate management activities, providing information security management services,
  • Ensuring compliance with the legal obligations in accordance with the applicable legislation;
  • Complying with other information storage, reporting and information obligations stipulated by the legislation, relevant regulatory institutions and other authorities
  • Ensuring security in the entrance and exit of the head office building and establishing security in the company premises.

Due to the requirement arising from the performance of customer contracts, in particular;

  • Reduction of customer complaints, increasing customer satisfaction, understanding customer needs and improving customer-related processes
  • Assessment of the quality of the service provided to customer and provision of training to employees.
  • Ensuring legal, technical and commercial business security of the Company and business partners thereof,
  • Making recommendations about geographical location and product specifications during your visit to our internet site and in case you provide consent, sending information notices about campaigns for products and services,
  • Making recommendations to data subjects upon customization of products and services offered by our company based on their preferences, patterns and needs and planning and/or implementation of necessary promotional activities,

Managing the company, carrying out the business operations, implementing company policies, in particular;

  • Assessment of visitor data and revision of the existing data
  • Communication with customers and potential customers
  • Your personal data are collected and processed for the purpose of making process improvements through customer satisfaction surveys and analyses thereof, performing operational and commercial activities specified in our Taxpayer Registration Certificate and Trade Registry Gazette and summarized above, provided that they are performed in efficiency within the scope of our company’s legitimate interests in parallel with processing conditions and objectives specified in article 5 and 6 of PDPL.

Disclosure of Your Personal Data to Third Persons At Home

  • Your personal data may be transferred to legally authorized public / private institutions and organizations for the purposes stated above, within the framework of the personal data processing conditions and purposes specified in Articles 8 and 9 of the Law and limited to the purposes specified in the Policy.
  • In order for our company to fulfil its obligations in accordance with the laws and to ensure your security, your personal data, to the extent permitted and required by the Personal Data Protection Law No.6698 and other legislation provisions, with our Solution Partners, business partners and suppliers, Personal Data Protection Authority, Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Customs and Trade, Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Turkey Business Association, Information and Communication Technologies Authority, etc. may be shared with the public institutions and organizations and public entities.

In addition we may process your personal data for the purpose of:

  • Achieving the purpose required for the performance of the employment contract,
  • The Company may share personal data with our lawyers and relevant institutions within the framework of our obligation to fulfil legal requests such as court orders or evidence requests, provided that it is in accordance with the applicable law and procedure.
  • Personal data may be transferred to companies in question for the purpose of managing the company, performing activities, implementing company policies and ensuring internal operations with business partners and affiliate.

Your personal data may be transferred with the express consent of the data subject (if required) in accordance with personal data processing conditions and purposes specified in articles 8 and 9 of PDPL to the extent required for and limited with the aforementioned purposes. In addition, personal data may be disclosed to public organizations and institutions authorized to request such data in accordance with applicable legislation.

Disclosure of Your Personal Data to Third Persons Abroad

Your personal data may be transferred to third persons abroad in parallel with personal data processing conditions and purposes specified in article 8 and 9 of the PDPL including but not limited with business partners, suppliers, social media sites at home and abroad for the purpose of export activities, trade fairs, business trips, recommending products and services based on preferences of data subjects and planning and/or implementing the relevant activities, organizing travels and sending e-mails.

Method of Collecting Personal Data

  • Your personal data are collected, used, recorded, stored and processed by our company through verbal, written and/or electronic methods.
  • Your personal Data are collected by our Company through written forms, official documents you sent to us in case of physical methods; e-mails, mobile applications, call centre, our websites, social media accounts, notes kept and business cards exchanged during trade fairs in case of electronic methods and via software, online contact forms specific to our company and business partners of our company for the purpose of achieving the objectives described above.
  • In addition, they are collected for the purpose of complying with our obligation to establish legal and commercial security of our Company and business partners through obtaining video and audio records with security cameras installed in our Company’s premises.

Retention Period, Deletion, Destruction and Anonymization of Personal Data

Your personal data are stored for the retention periods specified in the relevant legal regulations (if no period is specified in the relevant legislation, in accordance with the practices of our Company and business or for the period required by the aforementioned processing purposes) and subsequently deleted, destroyed or anonymous in accordance with the PDPL. Details are explained in TEZMAKSAN MAKINA SAN ve TIC. A.S. Personal Data Storage and Destruction Policy.

Your personal data obtained automatically or manually or shared with our company by visitors (website visitor, physical visitor, trade fair visitor, social media visitor) in accordance with the aforementioned principles and purposes and limited with the purposes of processing. TEZMAKSAN MAKINA SAN ve TIC A.S. shall delete, destroy and/or anonymize your personal data in accordance with Personal Data Protection Law and applicable regulations upon expiry of the purpose of processing.

Security of Your Personal Data

In order to ensure that your personal data are not subject to unauthorized access, loss or damage in the media they are processed or stored, we regularly review the technical and administrative requirements on Security of Personal Data that are published by the PDPL Board and our company meets the requirements in accordance with Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698

Your Rights as Data Subject:

Pursuant to Article 11 of PDPL, each person may submit an application to the data controller to:

  • a) Get information as to whether personal data are processed or not
  • b) Get information on the extent of processing if data are processes;
  • c) Get information on the purpose of processing personal data and as to whether they were used in accordance with the purpose;
  • ç) Get information on local and foreign third parties who were transferred personal data;
  • d) Request correction if personal data were processed inaccurately or incompletely;
  • e) Request deletion or destruction of personal data in accordance with the conditions stipulated in the applicable legislation;
  • f) Request for notification of the processes performed in accordance with sub-paragraphs (d) and (e) to the third persons who were transferred personal health data;
  • g) File objection against unfavourable results obtained through analysis using automatic systems only;
  • ğ) Claim compensation of losses and damages that may arise from illegal processing of personal data.

Methods of Application About Data Subject’s Rights

Pursuant to paragraph 1, article 13 of PDPL, you can submit an application for exercising aforementioned rights by using methods described Communique on Principles and Procedures of Application to Data Controller that has been promulgated in the Official Gazette No. 30356 of 10 March 2018.

  • Through personal application of applicant,
  • via notary public
  • By signing with “secure electronic signature” defined in Electronic Signature Law No.5070 and sending to the electronic mail address provided below.
  • Application may be submitted by using the electronic mail address previously specified by the data subject/ customer and recorded in the data controller’s data system.
Application Method Application Address Information Required During Application
Personal Application (applicant should visit in person together with a document showing identity) TEZMAKSAN MAKİNA SANAYİ VE TİCARET ANONİM ŞİRKETİ MERSİS NO:0842002469500011 Abdi İpekçi Cad. N:129 Bayrampaşa/İSTANBUL “Information Request Under Personal Data Protection Law” should be written on the envelope
In writing via notary public Application with Reply-Paid Registered Mail “Information Request Under Personal Data Protection Law” should be written on the envelope
Via Registered Electronic Mail (KEP) by signing with “secure electronic signature” TEZMAKSAN KEP ADDRESS: “Information Request Under Personal Data Protection Law” should be written in the subject of the e-mail.
Application may be submitted by using the electronic mail address previously specified by the data subject/ customer and recorded in the data controller’s data system. “Information Request Under Personal Data Protection Law” should be written in the subject of the e-mail.

The following information should be provided about applicant in all application methods:

Name, surname and signature, T.R. Identification Number for citizens of the Republic of Turkey, nationality, passport number or if any, identification number for foreigners, notification address for home or office, if any, electronic mail address for notification, telephone and fax number, subject of application.

Name-Surname-T.R. ID. No:


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