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CNC Operatörü Ol

Become a CNC Operator!

How do you become a CNC operator?

In many countries, CNC operators and CNC programmers are usually trained in Technical and Industrial Vocational High Schools. In addition, Machinery departments of vocational high schools have been given CNC training is given in the related to it. After that, CNC machine resellers also provide CNC operator and CNC programming training on the CNC machines they sell, other options; the course and foundation have been given training also provide CNC Operator training.


How do you get a CNC operator license?

All CNC operators and CNC programmers must have a professional competence certificate in all sectors required by the law since March 2017.
For details https://tezmaksanakademi.com/sektorun-bekledigi-standart-geldi-yeterlilik-belgeleri-artik-zorunlu


What do CNC operators do?

-  CNC operators use analytical skills to read and understand part drawings, blueprints, models, and other technical specifications related to their craft.

-  CNC operators use their knowledge of Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software daily and must stay up to date on the latest software tools. They also use math skills to measure dimensions, set parameters in the software, and check part tolerances/quality control.

-  These skills, particularly mechanical engineering, are especially advantageous because operators need to develop a deep working understanding of how the machinery operates. They’re also required to clean, calibrate and maintain the machines and other tools.

-  CNC operators frequently face problems with design drawings, quality issues, and problems with tools and other materials that require the deduction skills and patience to rectify.

-  In addition to being able to accurately follow instructions, a CNC operator must be adaptable to frequent changes in the work environment, prioritizing competing demands and unexpected production delays.

-  Other duties include:

-  Follow all company policies and safety protocols

-  Set up equipment regarding proper calibration procedures

-  Participate in regular safety and training classes

-  Follow safety guidelines for operating machinery

-  Perform inspections of the work area and machines during shifts

-  Use proper handling techniques to load raw materials and unload castings

-  Use specialized instruments to ensure quality requirements


What is a CNC Machine Training?

You can get the following training to improve your professional skills included in the Tezmaksan Academy Training Plan, free of charge and online at www.tezmaksanakademi.com

-  CNC Lathe Machine Training

-  CNC Vertical/Horizontal Milling Machine TraIning

-  CNC Swiss Lathe Machine Training

-  CNC EDM Machines Training

-  CNC 5 Axis Milling Machine Training

-  Tezmaksan Makine, Operator training before machine installation

-  CNC Application Training Advanced Level

-  CNC Training for Students



Become a CNC Operator